Effective Methods Of Cellulite Reduction For Arms, Butt and Thighs

Cellulite affects all human beings at some point or another, but it seems to be a bigger problem for the female population than among males, especially during bathing suit season. Cellulite appears as lumpy bumps of fat buildup hidden beneath the skin, and it can cause an unsightly and far less smooth appearance of the body. Cellulite is most commonly found in places where fat buildup is prevalent like the thighs, bum, belly, and arms. Though, it might make you feel self-conscious enough to turn to surgical methods of repair, there are far less drastic routes to take where natural treatments like the Naked Beauty program and others that, although they might not work as quickly as liposuction, will certainly help get the job done without the need for a visit to the doctor’s office.

Smooth Legs

Walk It Off

This might sound like a pile of common knowledge, but getting active and moving your butt off the couch is the number one way to get rid of that cellulite. You might think that the main reason for this is because losing weight will limit the amount of fat cells congregating in one area, but it actually has to do with the fact that you’re putting those fat pockets into motion and just as exercise gets your blood flowing more quickly and evenly throughout your body, it also can help loosen up the uneven regions and smooth you out while you get lean. Walking is a great exercise for the most prevalent regions of cellulite, which are the legs and bum.

Increase Omega-3s

Believe it or not, introducing more healthy fats into your diet might actually help to stave off some of those fatty deposits around your body. It might sound counterproductive, but unlike bad fats, omega-3s work hard to lower levels of cellulite by offering natural nutrients that helps these lumpy areas dissolve more naturally into those places that make you feel embarrassed to slip on a bikini.

“There is some evidence that consuming enough Omega-3 fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins will help reduce cellulite over time.” – Wellness Mama

Try cutting back fattier cuts of protein like the kind found in chicken legs and beef, and trying to add more fish to your diet. Krill oil is actually an excellent way to add extra omega-3 without disrupting your diet too much because it can be taken as a supplement and it’s highly effective.

Eat A Cleaner Diet

You shouldn’t just cut out the fatty cuts of meat; you’ve also got to think about how much sugar and salt you’re consuming on a daily basis. Refined sugar and simple carbohydrates will be transformed and stored as fat in your body when eaten in high quantities.

“First, avoid too much sugar, which gets stored in fat cells and causes them to expand. Second, limit salt intake, since sodium causes fluid retention, making cellulite appear even worse.” – Dr. Oz

This might take a little bit of tweaking before a balance is struck, but there are plenty of places to cut out a little salt here and a little sugar there so that you’re not sacrificing flavor for health benefits. Think about switching to an alternative natural sweetener that doesn’t incorporate too much refined product.

Skin Brushing

Finally, you can also reduce cellulite by adding a little pampering to your daily routine with something called skin brushing. It might sound daunting at first, but you can buy the supplies for this treatment in many drugstores or health clinics, and if you use this as part of your morning routine you’ll find that it slowly removed the lumpy appearance of cellulite from your body.

“It stimulates skin cell rejuvenation and helps improve lymphatic flow. This system is part of the body’s way to naturally carry toxins out of the body, an important part of how to get rid of cellulite.” – Jillian Michaels

The brush is a particular one with firm bristles and as you rub it over your body, similar to a body scrub, it helps move around fatty deposits and massage them so that they’re less likely to bunch beneath the skin. This is also really wonderful for the appearance of your skin, though you might find it irritating and a little red the first few times you try this procedure. After you get used to it, this treatment will not only help lower visual signs of cellulite, but can remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new ones as well to help give you a healthy glow.